• After sales support

F.A.T.I. offers a comprehensive after sales service, which includes technical assistance and management and maintenance of systems in operation. A dedicated Department responds to requests for service and warranty claims. maintenance and support of existing systems.

• Support for start-up

Installation, commissioning, training (if required) at the customer's premises or elsewhere, in Italy and abroad.

• Spare parts supply

F.A.T.I. ensures its customers in the shortest possible time the supply of spare parts.

• Programmed service

F.A.T.I. provides scheduled maintenance are regulated by a specific contract. The service provided on a regular basis, to certain dates only in agreement with the client, provides for a series of inspection and maintenance are defined both according to the type of works that to actual needs constant in order to develop advanced technological solutions, always in tune with market demands and provide professional assistance for any request.

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