06 • Electrical duct heaters


Electric duct heaters, with a degree of protection IP40, IP55, IP65 or IP66, are recommended for use in a significant number of applications and industrial processes, for heating air or inert gas flows in safe area. These products are designed by our technical department, according to Client's request or technical specifications. Specific dimensioning and thermodynamic checking software us used for designing, along with the experience gained on 70 years of production and business on the national and international markets.


• Forced and natural convection air heating;
• Air-conditioning systems (HVAC and ATU - air treatment units);
• Hot chambers, Desiccation plants, Packaging machines, Smoke damping systems, and air drying systems;
• Painting plants, pre-heating of ovens;
• Heating in autoclaves.


FATI produces tubular electric elements from 1945. Since then, develops systems engineering and production techniques to satisfy the most demanding customer.

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