02 • Flanged Heaters


F.A.T.I. range of immersion heaters is suitable for heating all process fluids, which are non-corrosive to the materials of construction. Flanged immersion heaters are hairpin-bent tubular elements, welded to a flange, provided with electrical safety devices and a suitable junction Box.

Typical Applications:
• Fresh Water;
• Sea Water;
• Crude Oil;
• Process Gas;
• Air;
• Tank Heating;
• Synthetic Oils;
• Heating Medium;
• Vapour-liquid separators;
• Glycol Re boilers;
• Butane/Propane Vaporizer;
• Molecular Sleeve Regeneration.

Technical Description:
• For heating liquids and gases, the enclosure is produced in Carbon steel or Stainless steel;
• Up to 60" flange, acc. ANSI B 16.5, in the following materials: carbon steel, stainless steel, nickel alloys, Inconel, etc;
• Degree of protection of the enclosure: IP40, IP55, IP65, IP66, IP67;
• Standard diameter of heating elements: 8.5, 12.5 & 16 mm;
• Material of elements: Carbon steel, 304(L), 316(L) or 321 SST, Incoloy 800 or 825, Inconel 600 or 625, Hastelloy, Monel, Copper;
Immersion length: up to 4 meters
Power rating: up to 8000 kW
The electric heater bundle can be provided with:
1- Protective and/or control devices: thermostats, thermocouples or PT100;
2- Temperature transmitters;
3- Anti condensation heaters;
4- Cable glands.


FATI produces tubular electric elements from 1945. Since then, develops systems engineering and production techniques to satisfy the most demanding customer.

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